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Supporting Pentwater Arts Council’s Sculpture Walk

How do you spark even more creative expression in a town rich with culture, history and natural resources? The Pentwater Arts Council (PAC) knows the answer: through community engagement and placemaking. PAC is beginning its three-year-long Sculpture Walk Initiative in collaboration with the Pentwater Downtown Development Authority. In this project, five sculptures were placed along downtown Hancock Street. In preparation for its first summer, PAC’s Sculpture Initiative received a $6,500 grant supported by the Foundation’s Randall and Linda Wagner Family and the Janie Denman Legacy Funds.
“The intent is not only a placemaking project to establish Pentwater as an art destination,” PAC secretary Judy Pazol said, “but also to provide art education to the community and the students in schools within Oceana County.” Through the grant, PAC will be able to fund transportation for students to visit the installation and provide educational packets to the community. The award also supports sculpture installation costs and advertising. The project centers on Pentwater’s lake shore community. Visitors had the opportunity to vote for their favorite sculpture to win the ‘People’s Choice Award’ (pictured here). Popular installations can be sold to visitors or permanently placed within Pentwater. While currently slated as a three-year project, PAC and the Village of Pentwater have high hopes to expand the initiative.