Teacher Mini-Grants

Funding for this program is provided by our Youth Advisory Council.
The Youth Advisory Council (YAC) brings high school students from throughout the county together to provide grants to programs that impact their peers. The YAC is made up of student representatives and adult advisors from 5 Oceana County schools and provides over $30,000 per year in grant awards that impact youth issues. Our Youth Advisory Council invites teachers to apply for mini-grants to help them out in the classroom. Whether it’s a new idea or that little extra you need to make your lesson plans great, you can brighten your classroom with a little help from our youth.

Teacher mini-grants will be available once a year, applications are open now, and are due by midnight on September 18, 2023. 


Public and private school teachers and counselors in Oceana County are eligible to apply. You can only submit one application, and grants are limited to one per classroom and one per teacher per school year.

Grants can be up to $250 for specific projects or programs including: program enhancement that meets curriculum guidelines, expanding an already existing unit, student awards, special events, professional development, artists in residence and parent involvement programs.

Grants are not awarded for basic, everyday supplies. YAC does not typically fund field trips, iPads, or school store projects.

Applications are due by midnight on September 18th this year.  Grant awards are distributed in early October.

Teacher mini-grant applications are submitted in our grant portal, GoApply – click here to apply.

An evaluation and photos will be required for each and every mini-grant that is funded.  Please read the instructions below prior to creating your registration, or completing the application.

Teacher Mini-Grant Application Instructions
Teacher Mini-Grant Application Sample

Final Grant Report
Final Grant Reports are due at the end of the school year after the award is made.  The Final Grant Report can be completing through the same GoApply portal and credentials with which you applied.

Send an email to Hannah Naples or call the office at 231-869-3377

Past Grant Awards

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2020 Teacher Mini Grants fall round
2019 Teacher Mini-Grants fall round
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2018 Teacher Mini-Grants spring round

Grant Guidelines

If you're wondering how to make your grant proposal better, or what organizations submit the strongest proposals, we can help.

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Applying for a Grant

All applications for grants must be submitted to us electronically, via our online application process, eGrant.

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