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Foundation Appreciates Frontline Healthcare Workers

FEBRUARY 19, 2021

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, our Oceana healthcare workers – and other essential workers – have been the unsung heroes of our community. To show our appreciation, the Community Foundation of Oceana County is continuing their support and celebration of Oceana frontline healthcare workers through their Appreciation Box Campaign. Healthcare workers are at the forefront of combating the COVID-19 pandemic, in addition to creating a safe community for all residents. The Community Foundation’s Appreciation Boxes are a modest thank-you for their work and bravery and are supported by the combined contributions of many to our Urgent Needs Fund.

On December 22nd, Community Foundation staff delivered the boxes to four doctor’s offices in Hart and Shelby, the Mercy Health Lakeshore Hospital, and the Oceana Medical Care facility. Inside the boxes were hero pins, healthy snacks, and sweets. The first round of Appreciation Boxes included thank-you cards from Walkerville Elementary, Spitler Elementary, and Pentwater Elementary school students. These cards encouraged and thanked our essential healthcare workers for working to keep Oceana County safe and healthy with cheerful notes and creative drawings. Deeper within these shiny wrapped boxes laid sweet and salty treats, healthy snacks, and hero pins. The boxes, and especially the students’ cards, were received with excited eyes and cheery smiles hidden under masks.

In February, Foundation staff delivered the second round of Appreciation Boxes. With more snacks, pins, and thank-notes provided by Oceana County Early Learning Center students, the boxes were shared with District Health-Department #10, West Michigan Community Mental Health, and the Fountain Hill Center for Counseling Lakeshore office. The boxes were welcomed with open arms, and healthcare workers were appreciative of the community-wide support.

To our essential workers, we would like to thank you again for your efforts this year to keep us all safe. Thank you participating students and teachers for providing such beautiful cards.

The Community Foundation for Oceana County’s Urgent Needs Fund provides support to area nonprofits, schools, and governments on the frontlines of the pandemic. The Fund was established to serve those in Oceana County most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. To learn more about the Urgent Needs Fund or to help support pandemic relief efforts, visit Join us in sending our thanks to these crucial heroes!