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2024 Oceana County Community Health Needs Assessment
Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) is an important way for a community to collaboratively identify and prioritize its health needs and come up with plans to meet them. By gathering information about a community’s health, needs, and challenges, CHNAs give us a chance to really understand the place we live in, make sure everyone has the opportunity to reach their optimal health, and improve health and wellness for the community.

This involves working together with different people who care about the community and looking at data from now and before to see how things have changed. By focusing on specific groups in the community, like those who might struggle more with health issues, CHNAs make sure that the plans we make to improve health are fair and helpful for everyone.

Oceana County Health Needs Assessment Report – April 2024

Oceana County Housing Needs Assessment – September 2023

Oceana County Workforce Development, Diversification and Training Center Feasibility Study – March 2024



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